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Chip2bit offers highly skilled and knowledgeable services in the IT field.

Over the years we have gained a vast and diversified client portfolio, which includes private and medium-sized companies and organizations.

We are a young and dynamic startup with a long experience in the computer industry.

Our areas of expertise
The best we can offer

Desktop software development

We are able to develop desktop software that solves your day to day problems or repeated tasks and that runs on Windows, Linux and MacOSX. Our tools are simple and do exactly what you need, nothing more.

Web sites development

We design, build and manage responsive websites that run on desktop and mobile devices. We create websites, static or dynamic, with attractive graphical interface, administration panel, customized contacts form, newsletters, reservations, domain purchase, installation and configuration.

Web application development

We have significant experience in online management of stores and CRM (chemical companies, retail or wholesale, store goods, etc.). We offer customized solutions for every need: from a simple application for inventory system to the more complex CRM.

IT support

We offer technical support for notebook, desktop, and server. We are able to help privates with their day to day computer issues as well as small, medium and big companies. We are strong with open source tecnologies and Linux system administration but we have no problem to adapt to every customer needing.



We are proud to belong to a group of young people with a long experience in the web field.

altname Giada Fierli
CEO ~ co-founder
altname Matteo Mattei
CTO ~ co-founder

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Via Guido Mammoli, 53
50013 Campi Bisenzio (FI) - Italy
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Phone: (+39) 333 6125343 (CEO mobile)

Phone: (+39) 340 8846263 (CTO mobile)

Phone: (+39) 055 8797048 (Office)


Skype: Chip2Bit